Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom: Which Is Best for Virtual Events?

Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom: Which Is Best for Virtual Events?

So, you want to run a virtual event but you need a few things to do it. Behold, your kit list:

  • An idea for an event (obviously)
  • An audience
  • An event management platform to host your experience
  • A video conferencing solution to broadcast your sessions
Video Conferencing Software

The first two options are elementary. We might also be able to suggest a good event management platform… (Have you heard of EventsCase?)

Where most organisers tend to get stuck is with point number four: choosing the right video conferencing solution.

Each provider differs according to their cost, features, and user experience. Even purportedly small matters like capacity, engagement, archiving and security combine to make one solution wholly different from another.

But as we say, it’s not about finding the right solution for virtual events; it’s about finding the right solution for yours.

And our new whitepaper helps you do it.

Whitepaper: Choosing the risght video conferencing software for your virtual event

We’re here because the internet is a crowded place. All you need is a short overview of each provider’s merits, and even that’s hard to find.  

The latest edition of our ‘Speedy Guide to…’ series is on “Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Software for Your Virtual Event”. Here, you’ll find a simplified view of three top providers – Vimeo, YouTube and Zoom – to help guide your decision.

The whitepaper contains:
  • An overview of each solution’s key features
  • Pros and cons for Vimeo, YouTube and Zoom
  • Cost estimates to help you find a solution that fits your budget
  • A step-by-step guide to integrating your choice of software with EventsCase  
  • Extra advice on choosing a video conferencing provider

As always, we hope you enjoy the resource!

Download our free Whitepaper – Choosing the right Video Conferencing Software for your Virtual Event

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