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How Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility are Shaping the Meetings and Events Industry

This blog delves into the importance of ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the realm of event management. It sheds light on how these pivotal elements influence event planning and the entire experience of an event. Furthermore, the blog addresses the challenges and obstacles that event organisers encounter, as well as outlines various strategies to integrate these fundamental principles effectively.

Eventscase Brings EMA and AEVEA to ‘Event Tech Live’ in London

At Eventscase, we continually strive to forge new connections with event organisers and bolster the events community. For the recently concluded Event Tech Live, Europe’s premier event technology gathering, we opted to organise a ‘tech trip’ for EMA (Event Managers Association) and AEVEA (Spanish Event Agencies Association), two of the Spanish industry bodies we have been working alongside for several years.