A year in review of ‘Plot Twist’: The event industry never fails to surprise 😳

plot twist header en - A year in review of ‘Plot Twist’: The event industry never fails to surprise 😳

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Over the past year, we’ve defied conventions and channelled our “sarcastic” nature in each of the monthly newsletters we’ve launched under the ‘Plot Twist’ branding. The theme of this campaign has revolved around a seemingly simple but surprisingly effective concept: what are situations in the events industry that shock us, that do not make sense – and leave our faces looking like this: 😳.

Data Analytics

During the pandemic, when we leaned more towards virtual events, organisers flooded us with requests for data analytics: number of clicks, logins and logouts per session, duration of time spent, etc. The need to gain a complete understanding of attendee behaviour as they interacted with our software was very palpable.

However, when face-to-face events regained traction, we stumbled upon a very great irony. Some organisers questioned the need for technology for the most basic things such as access control for their events. They stopped asking themselves these questions: Who is at the event? Which sessions are visited most? And why are we looking for attendees from a wretched attendee list on paper?

Artboard1 58 - A year in review of ‘Plot Twist’: The event industry never fails to surprise 😳


The metaverse, with its promise of being the “next big thing” in events, captured everyone’s attention. But, ironically, while everyone aspired to take part in the metaverse, hybrid events seemed complicated, impractical and expensive.

Nevertheless, we urged everyone not to lose sight of the current possibilities. We reminded everyone to opt for hybrid experiences that amplify the reach of events and reach a truly global audience today.

Badging and Check-ins

We also addressed the meticulous attention to detail event organisers wish to exude, and pointed out where many of them fail at notwithstanding.

Some of them don’t pay attention to the badging and check-ins aspect of their events at all and would not want to use technology to streamline this process. On the other hand, some people overdo this aspect by employing facial recognition! If you haven’t heard of a major event organiser being fined for breaching GDPR on the basis of using biometrics, then spare yourself the trouble and stick to what works.


We reflected on sustainability in the events industry, highlighting that sustainable practices are often not reflected in all areas of the event, such as food waste in catering. We presented solutions such as the RSVP function of our registration tool as a way to know the final list of attendees who are coming to your event.


When it comes to event technology, we have challenged the idea of prioritising vanity over functionality. We explored less flashy but more effective alternatives in access control and how to avoid costly fines.

Data Management

Finally, we addressed the importance of data management at events and how customisable registration forms can be powerful tools for experiential management and targeting. We highlighted the need for legal and honest data management that respects the privacy of attendees.

This past year has been a roller coaster of lived experiences that kept inspiring us to write our “Plot Twist” campaign. We have challenged the norm and encouraged event organisers to rethink the way they approach and access technology. As we retire this campaign (at least for now), we look forward to relishing more satisfying twists and to you joining us again! See you soon!

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