Eventscase New Product Board

Product Board

You can suggest a completely new development idea by clicking on the ‘+Submit idea’ button found on the top-right corner of the page. Tell us why you think this new feature should be considered for development and how important it is to you. 

You simply need to insert your email address and click on ‘Submit’. The last step is to confirm your email which would then automatically log you into the Product Board.

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Within the “Gathering Interest” board, you can also see other ideas spread out according to different technical categories. You can view each idea and vote whether it’s “nice to have,” “important,” or “critical”. This will help us in our prioritisation.

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You can include your own justification before inserting your email address and clicking on ‘Submit’ (bypass this step if you are logged into the platform).

Lastly, you can also view the other boards and find out which developments are already planned, in progress, and released.

We hope that through this Product Board, you will be able to help us validate ideas and pinpoint which developments should be added to our roadmap as a company. All feedback we can gather will be processed internally and should your idea trump the rest—it will appear in the “Gathering Interest” board. 

While we cannot promise to work on all the ideas we will receive, we do promise to listen more actively from now on because your success is also ours. We thank you in advance for your participation.

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