Category: Artificial Intelligence for events

New Whitepaper: Emerging Trends in the Events Industry in 2024

Our latest whitepaper delves into how artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and sustainability are set to redefine the events industry, paving the way for more personalised, efficient, and environmentally conscious experiences. This document uncovers the trends shaping the future of events, from the rise of hybrid formats to deeper engagement strategies, preparing the ground for memorable and sustainable events.

Creating a Calendar of Social Media Posts Before an Event Using AI

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘content calendar’. It is a guide that is set in place to help teams plan, organise, and schedule their content in advance, allowing for smooth content production throughout the planned days. This calendar is an essential component of any team that is looking to keep organised and be successful in their overall content goals. So how can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help?