New Whitepaper: Emerging Trends in the Events Industry in 2024


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In our dynamic events industry, staying ahead of emerging trends is crucial for success. As we delve into 2024, this whitepaper explores the transformative forces influencing event planning, execution, and experience. From technological advancements to sustainability initiatives and the progression of hybrid events, understanding these trends is essential to create memorable and impactful experiences. To get a glimpse of the topics that this new whitepaper will explore, see summarised points below:

The Importance of Staying Updated with Emerging Trends

With the global events industry projected to surpass the two trillion U.S. dollars mark by 2028, staying updated with emerging trends is imperative. Understanding these trends not only enhances event offerings but also provides a competitive edge by aligning with attendee preferences and expectations.


Impact of Technology

Technological advancements continue to revolutionise the events industry. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping event planning and attendee experiences. AI-driven event management tools, VR/AR experiences, and smart venues enhance engagement, personalisation, and operational efficiency.


Sustainability Trends

In response to growing environmental consciousness, sustainability has become a central focus of event planning. From selecting green venues to implementing sustainable catering practices and promoting eco-friendly transportation options, event organisers are embracing sustainability to reduce environmental impact and appeal to eco-conscious attendees.

Personalisation and Experience

The year 2024 marks a shift towards heightened personalisation and enriched attendee experiences. Utilising data analytics, AI, and immersive technologies, event organisers are tailoring event journeys, creating immersive experiences, and fostering emotional engagement through storytelling. Experiential marketing is also on the rise, enabling brands to connect with attendees in meaningful ways.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have emerged as a significant trend, blending in-person and virtual experiences to cater to diverse audiences. Enhanced accessibility, integration of virtual and physical experiences, and data-driven insights are key components of successful hybrid events, offering broader reach and engagement opportunities.

Wrapping up

The events industry in 2024 is characterised by innovation, sustainability, and a focus on attendee-centric experiences. By embracing recent trends and changes, organisations can position themselves as leaders in the evolving landscape. Proactive adaptation to these trends is crucial to stay relevant and successful in our industry.

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