How to Use Eventscase for Your Upcoming Christmas Party

3 - How to Use Eventscase for Your Upcoming Christmas Party

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It’s that time of the year again when we all get invited to different Christmas and year-end parties! At Eventscase, we advocate the use of technology for all types of events, including internal corporate events for different companies and organisations. 

If you’re organising a Christmas party, here are specific ways on how you can make your life easier with Eventscase:

1. Create an event website which supports registrations

When events are not mandatory by nature, many attendees would not feel compelled to register for them unless you tell them “why” they should go. The best way to capture this type of information is by creating a dedicated event website for your upcoming Christmas party. Tell everyone that you’re giving away company freebies or that there’s a free-flow bar service at the venue. Try to get creative and use images, videos and striking text that would let them hit the register button as if it was a reflex.

We suggest that you make the registration process as easy as possible. At Eventscase we offer the “Simple registration” website module which would perfectly accommodate this requirement. It acts more like a survey than a registration tool – allowing your attendees to register themselves in a matter of seconds.

1 - How to Use Eventscase for Your Upcoming Christmas Party

2. Adopt a hybrid event for maximum attendance.

For multinational companies, it would always be a struggle to have everyone come to the same place at this time of the year, especially when most of us have committed to other social engagements already in the upcoming days.

Eventscase is fully-equipped to empower any event format may it be physical, virtual or hybrid. If you’d like to livestream the party to an online audience, you can always use our Digital Venue which is a powerful website facility that allows attendees to stream media, participate in live interaction tools (live polls, Q&A, chats, etc.), and network with one another.

Since our Digital Venue now supports better branding customisations, you can make sure that the design would perfectly capture the event and your company’s style guide.

3. Print out badges for large corporate events

If you’re organising a small gathering of less than 20 people, perhaps it’s not necessary to print out badges. However, if you’re hosting more people from different offices or regions of the world, badge printing is a must. It allows everyone to network with one another more easily. Not everyone is good with names, at the end of the day, and you’d be doing everyone a favour if they can easily identify one another through their badges.

Using our badge editor, Eventscase gives you the opportunity to print out badges in A4 paper, which when folded into four, turns to A6 – a common badge size for many events. You may even ask attendees to print out their own badges; in this case you would simply need to provide the lanyards and plastic badge holders as they arrive at the party.

If you’d like to take it a notch further, you may also hire our Onsite Box service where we rent out thermal printers, iPads, and other hardware for on-the-spot badge printing. You may easily set up the hardware or we may send support staff to your venue for added assurance.

2 1 1 - How to Use Eventscase for Your Upcoming Christmas Party

4. Send out reminder emails before the event

Eventscase also has a consolidated emailing system that works for all events. By simply visiting your “Approved attendees” list for your Christmas party, there is an option for you to send out emails any time to confirmed participants. 

Hype up your event by reminding attendees perhaps three days and one day before the event. You may also take advantage of these emails and add instructions such as telling your attendees that there will be a “Best Christmas Jumper” contest on the day of the event with exciting prizes. The possibilities are endless…


All of this can be set up in a matter of minutes, especially if you’re eyeing simple configurations. If your Christmas party is in a week or two, you still have the opportunity to use Eventscase and its different products to complement your event preparations. Click on the button below and fill out a simple form. A member of our team will be with you shortly.

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