Best Marketing & Tech Events of 2021

Best Marketing & Tech Events of 2021

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Best Virtual Marketing & Tech Events of 2021

Every year hundreds of marketing and tech conferences take place globally. Marketing and tech enthusiasts wait all year long for such conferences to meet their gurus and keynote speakers. They even travel long distances to the venues. However, the year 2020 changed the scenario when the COVID-19 pandemic limited us from physical gatherings. However, the show must go on. Virtual conferencing and events took the lead. People then realized the undeniable benefits of virtual events. Now, the year 2021 is here. We have jotted down the top virtual conferences about marketing and tech of 2021 below:

Virtual events markets tend to rise consistently. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace has been accelerated. 

By the end of this decade, the trend would be peaking. In addition, their scope and benefits would also increase. 

Virtual Events Market Size

Top Virtual Marketing Conferences 2021

Forrester CX APAC, May 11-12

The first of our list is the CX APC by Forrester. Forrester is a research firm that holds multiple customer experience virtual events around the year. They have a series of conferences. Their upcoming conference is scheduled for May. The theme of this conference is “connected experience.” This conference would be stage-managing a solid customer experience. This would be powered by data analytics. Customer experience or CX is a core principle, which determines the success of any business. This conference would allow CX enthusiasts to expand the arena of CX. Some of the leading keynote speakers at this conference are Ricarrdo Pasto, Todd Stevenson, and Sweta Mehra. If your business is striving in terms of creating a nurturing customer experience, this event is for you. Make sure not to miss this opportunity. 

ConFab: The Content Strategy Conference, May 5-7 

This virtual is powered by Brain Traffic. Previously this conference was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the pandemic, Con Fabgot accessible to everyone globally. This has allowed people to interact with the maestros of the marketing game. This digital marketing conference will talk about a wide range of aspects. From UX to accessibility and from structure to storytelling. Join the space with the best keynote speakers to have an actual millennial experience. You would be provided an on-demand video library, Confab Slack workplace, and small group discussions. In the three-day life broadcast, you would be joining the leading content strategists, designers, marketers, and content engineers. 

This conference is your one-stop content optimization-rich recourse. Do not forget to make the best out of it. 

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo, August 17-19

Next up on our list is the Gartner Marketing Symposium. This virtual conference is referred to as “The world’s most important of CMOs and marketing executives.” This series of events was designed for marketing and IT professionals. This event features 65 plus sessions. This conference would address the challenges faced by CMOs and marketing leaders at a broader scope. This conference would allow you to shape multi-channel strategies in terms of digital transformation and marketing innovation. Phenomenal Gartner keynote speakers would be talking about trends, technologies, and ideas. Some of the noted names are Benjamin Bloom, Andrew Frank, and Brianna Lux. 

Fin Con, September 22-25

This amazing conference is for all the ones who are into Personal Finance content on the internet. This virtual event would be a great kick start for all the content enthusiasts out there, who are beginners. This virtual conference will bring together the impactful community of creators such as influencers, podcasters, YouTubers, coaches, and freelancers. Fin Con is also a great opportunity to learn how to ace at Pro Networking. This event will follow a hybrid approach. It would be taking place in Austin and will be live broadcasted as well. The physical in-person conference will be taking place if the situation normalizes.

The founder of Minority Mindset, Mr. Jaspreet Singh, will be the leading keynote speaker at this conference. Minority Mindset is a financial media company and has over 900,000 subscribers. Make sure to make the best out of it.

Hubspot Inbound, October 12-14 

Here comes the most celebrated and awaited marketing conferences of 2021. This virtual event takes a different approach. The impact and scope of this conference transcend beyond just marketing. It invites keynote speakers from all walks of life. You would see speakers who are actors, entrepreneurs, activists, CEOs, and marketing executives. This event brings in an audience of 70,000 plus. This is massive. A total of 275 impactful sessions would be taking place. Hub Spot Inbound would talk this year with a global impact perspective. You would be seeing phenomenal human beings like Kerry Washington, Jesse Williams, Bob Igor, Alicia Garza, John Legend, and Yamini Rangan. These names are just the tip of the icebergs. The organizers have yet to unleash their agendas. However, it is sure that they are going to be thoughtful, impactful, and far-reaching. 

How easy it is to attend Inbound virtually! Now, you do not have to travel to Boston for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Top Virtual Marketing Conferences 2021

Top Tech Virtual Conferences of 2021:

IBM Think 2021, May 11-12 

This is the most awaited event every year and is the flagship event of IBM. Every tech enthusiasts from all over the world gather and talk about ideas and technology. However, this year it would be different, as it would be held virtually. This year the conference will talk about the technologies like the Hybrid Cloud and artificial intelligence. The community will strive for change through automation, modernization, and transformation. There would be certification exams and credential business education sessions by the Think Academy of IBM. Top-notch visionaries and thinkers will take the stage to discuss revolutionary ideas, keeping up the legacy of IBM Think conferences. The IBM community will celebrate the consistent value addition in technology by IBM.

This annual event acts as a benchmark for all technology events globally. Over time, it has set a standard that still has to find a competitor. Register for IBM Thinks 2021 before the time runs out.

Intertop: A Definitive Guide to an Effective IT Automation Strategy, June 15

This conference would be talking about automation in enterprises. Admission is this conference is free. This makes it a must to attend the virtual conference. The Intertop event would be looking into ways to automation in businesses. The keynote speakers are also going to talk about the challenges of cost and implementation involved in automation. This is a great event for anyone who wants to enter the arena of automation. It would be a great opportunity to interact with automation and IT experts and learn from them. The conference will also teach the attendees to strategize when it comes to automation. 

This event can prove to be a good opportunity for automation start-ups to launch themselves and reach the market. These startups can interact with the community and even their potential future customers. Startups can also interact with leaders and the field to look for investments. Who knows, it might get you to the heights you aimed for. 

Running Remote, May 21

This conference is one of its own kind. This is the world’s largest remote work conference. If you think that it was created after the pandemic, that is not the case. It was created back in 2018. This conference can be broadcasted across 60 countries. The conference would be based on 30 sessions with 62 keynote speakers. Do not think of it as a webinar; it is more than that. If you are a remote-based startup or an individual working remotely, this virtual conference will optimize your remote work experience. It will provide you with the set of tools and strategies to make the best out of it. 

This experience is uniquely designed to align with everyone’s emotional world. Do not miss this and book a slot now. 

Venture Summit Virtual Connect Global, July 6-8

This conference will provide a platform for investors to link with tech startups. Venture Summit Virtual Connect would be featuring venture panels, powerful networking, and company presentations. Top-tier executives and angel investors would be talking about the challenges faced by investors and startup founders. More than 100 entrepreneurs with their brilliant startups would be making their way to the investors.

If you own a tech startup and looking for a platform to introduce among the tech community, there is no better platform than this. Reserve your seat now. 

Momentum, October 27-28

This is the most important technology event in a generation. Momentum provides a platform to unite the big tech community. The purpose is to shape a better society and an improved economy. This year, the conference would focus on the power of collaboration and decision-making in technology. Momentum is the ultimate conference where technology innovators talk about perspectives that can shape a better future for generations to come. Tech entrepreneurs would be showcasing their startups which can bring innovation and revolution. 

Join the league of innovators now. 

These are the top marketing and virtual tech events to attend in 2021. Do not let the pandemic stop you from making a mark. Stay safe and successful!

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