The Anatomy of a Perfect Event Website

The Anatomy of a Perfect Event Website

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Event management in the 21st Century revolves a lot around a website when it comes to promotions, preparation and success. It plays a pivotal role in driving registrations. The event website brings in 80% of registrations for any event. Over the years, event planners, UI and website developers have spent working and making optimum event websites. The idea of a perfect event website has been evolving as well. However, the basic instincts of a perfect event website are clear. We would be discussing the anatomy of a perfect event website. It is based on the expertise and ideas of many UI and UX designers globally. 

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Event Website is Pivotal in Modern Event Management

Having a dedicated website for your event can work wonders for you. It becomes the origin of a happening beforehand. Especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the website has become more prevalent. Over the years, event websites have been the centralized hubs for event information. Now, we have the two worlds running simultaneously; the real world and the online world. One has to make a strong standing and awareness in both of them. Websites serve this purpose effectually. A comprehensive website provides you with the ideal and autonomous online presence. It makes sure you are noticed in the online world. An event cannot sustain without a website and is doomed. 

They are judging your Book by its Cover!

An event website provides an identity or face to an event. Let us put the proverb in another way. Like, “they are judging your book by its cover.” This is the crux. Your website plays a pivotal role. Make sure it strikes an impression. It provides you with a competitive advantage over others. Now, the event marketplace is very saturated. One has to have an astounding event website to stand out. Especially, we want to generate a massive ROI.  

Marketing at Advantage

In addition, it provides you marketing flexibility. It gives you a more focused approach. Event websites powered by the right analytics can yield desirable outcomes. In short, an event website goes in hand in hand with marketing intelligence. It lets us grab the attention of your potential attendees. In this way, you can make little effort in the right direction, which in turn ensures success. 

Buzz & Brand Awareness 

Websites foster branding as well. They help you create engagement and buzz for your event. Brand awareness is crucial for your event’s success. In addition, an event website is a go-to or one-stop-shop for your event. It provides all the necessary details and information about your event. This enhances visitor satisfaction and increases the rate of registration as well. Websites provide an integrated information and operation platform as well. 

All the above-mentioned aspects are only possible with an event website. If your event does not have a website, it is alien to the world. Practically, an event website is a cost-effective digital herald for your event. Now, taking a step further in this anatomy, let us explore more. 

5 Mandatory Elements for a Perfect Website

An event website is like a digital portfolio for an event. As you make sure to include some must-haves in your portfolio, it applies to websites as well. We would discuss some key mandatory elements that you need to have on your website. Otherwise, your event website would be incomplete. Remember, an incomplete website results in confusion, frustration, loss of reputation and a decrease in registration and revenue. These elements would let your event run with the pace of varying trends in consumer behaviour and technology. Let us see the 5 mandatory elements. 

Social Media Integration 

Social media is very useful for events. However, they cannot provide all the information about your event. An event website is the only platform that provides centralized and comprehensive information. Your social media platforms must re-direct all the audience to your website. Now, it is equally important the other way round. Your website must have your social media links. One cannot underestimate the power of social media. It provides a variant outlook about your event. Which, in turn, brings in a broader audience. 

This also helps in managing the preferences of your consumer or attendees as well. It is a practical way of keeping your audience informed and engaged as well. 

Payment Confirmation Auto-Email in Registrations Portal 

Do not miss this one at any cost. Lacking this feature causes a lot of frustration for many attendees. It is essential of the registration process portal. This feature builds credibility, honest impression and increases consumer satisfaction as well. A confirmation email acknowledges a registration. This shows the convenience of a registration process as well. Moreover, make sure your registration process and form is flexible and simple.

It is very much important these days. The risk and possibility of fraudulent online practices have also increased. In addition, a confirmation email is also validity for safe online practices. 

An Appealing and Impactful Landing Page 

As many say, the first impression is the last impression. This a similar case. Your landing page must strike a lasting impression. One should carefully design a landing page. You have to make sure that your landing page is user-friendly and visually appealing. The only relevant information has to be present on it. It must garner clicks for further information and clicks. Your landing page must have all your selling points. Now, you have to think about how you can place them strategically.

Social & Expert Testimonials

In marketing, “word of mouth” is the strongest force. That is why it is important to add proofs or testimonials to your website. Testimonials provide consumers with the confident to experience an event they are considering. These can be from your past attendees, keynote speakers or experts. Testimonials are apt to put on your landing page. Why not grasp their minds at first. People would easily trust the opinions. This increases the potential of registrations as well. You can graphically present a testimonial with the image as well. 

Prominent Sponsor Logos & Briefs

Make sure that your sponsors or partners get a good spot on your website. You have to acknowledge them. Moreover, this would allow you to attract more attendees. People love to interact with the communities of corporate or MNCs. You have to let them know about your sponsors. It also portrays the power of collaboration as well. 

Key Tips for an Impactful Website 

After the learning the mandatory, let us add some value with key tips. Because, there is always room for improvement and value addition. These tips can help you get the best out of your website. Such tips would keep you at advantage over your competitors. Let us get started. 

Work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization: This provides the luxury of organic reach for your event. Which in turn, creates an ever-lasting impact. Using the right keywords and other SEO strategies can get you a good ranking on search engines. There are many SEO facilities available. Google Analytics, Trends and Keywords are most popular ones. 

Always keep the content concise: Make sure you are always to the point. One cannot grasp too much information. Extra and unnecessary information can take a toll on your branding and registration count. Keep it comprehensive but concise.

Must have Strong Visuals: You must feast the eyes of your potential attendees. Make sure to add striking HD images and videos. In addition, you have to consider the color scheme and UI design. 

Make user navigation easy: Make sure to provide a smooth transfer to more webpages of your event website. Your navigation must be mobile friendly as well. Analytics and trends can help you a lot in this. 

Add multi-lingual support: This is very much prevalent in 21st Century. This brings in more inclusivity and varied audience as well. This increases the flexibility of your website as well. 

Top Event Websites 

As we ravel, in the anatomy, we must take a look at the top event websites. These event websites have reached the pinnacle of having a perfect event with insights. Let us talk about the top event websites by Cramer.You can take inspiration from these websites. Round the year, these websites represent these revolutionary events.

Coachella: Ranks 9/10 in terms of content.

Google I/O: Ranks 10/10 in usability and content.

DMA & THEN: Ranks 10/10 in usability and content.

Final Word

Well, we talked it all, the crux of a perfect event website. However, if the anatomy of a perfect event website had to put in two words, they are usability and content. These two hold the website together. Make sure to keep user satisfaction at top of your priorities. In addition, content is the king. It must be clear, cut and concise. That is the anatomy. Here is quick guide into another anatomy as well. 

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