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Event management software is a software that helps you to manage your events from start to finish.

The list of features for event management software is endless and deciding which ones you need can be overwhelming. We’ve combed through all the options out there to bring you this list of the most important features your event planning software should have.

The top event management software on the market can help with many tasks, from managing registrations and guest lists to tracking expenses and generating reports after the big day. They’ll even help you keep track of multiple events at once from one central dashboard – which will make planning much easier!

A good measuring stick for the quality of an event management software is the number of integrations it has, and the depth of them. A common integration you will find is with social media channels, allowing you to keep all your marketing and communications in one place whilst still getting the maximum reach from using multiple channels to engage with your audience.

Online ticketing and registration

Online ticketing and registration are must-have features for any event manager. With online ticketing and registration, you can sell tickets and collect payment online. This makes it easy to manage your sales in one place, you don’t have to print out or collect a bunch of paper tickets anymore.

You can also use online ticketing and registration to register attendees through an online form on your website. This is a big time-saver because you won’t need to manually enter each attendee’s information into your database after the event is over!

Mobile app

Mobile apps are a must-have for event management software. A mobile app will allow you to access your event management software from anywhere, even when you are on the road or at an off-site location. The best event management software will have a mobile app that is easy to use, available for all common platforms (Android, iOS), and able to integrate with other apps such as Slack and Google Calendar.

Mobile apps go hand in hand with gamifications features, which can usually be found in the higher end of the event management software market. It allows attendees to directly engage in the event, through the use of surveys, interactive tours and more. The surveys can be a great way to get some feedback on your event!

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your attendees and gain more ticket sales. It allows you to stay in touch with customers who have purchased tickets, as well as those who might be interested in future events.

Organizing email campaigns is simple with event management software: you can create an email template with all the information you want to include, set up a database of attendees’ emails, and then send out the campaign via your own server or an external service.

Event itinerary/Schedule

The itinerary is the event schedule. It should include all of the details of the event, including who’s going to be there and when they are scheduled to arrive/depart.

The itinerary should be available to all attendees, but it’s especially important that it’s accessible by organizers and sponsors so that they can see what their role in the event looks like.

Event Management Software Features: CRM integration

Automatically add attendees to a CRM: Event managers can connect their calendar software with Salesforce and other CRMs, automatically adding attendees to the event. This is especially helpful for businesses that keep track of their customers in a CRM, as it can help them identify potential opportunities for follow-up sales.

For example, if you have a customer who has attended your annual conference or trade show four years in a row, they might be ready to make an investment in your products or services—but will probably require some special attention. With this feature integrated into your online registration system, you can keep track of who’s coming back year after year and make sure they get the treatment they deserve!

Social media integration

Social media is a huge part of the event industry, so it’s important to have social media management tools in your event management software. Look for an event app or website builder that can automatically integrate with social media channels. This will have the power to boost your marketing efforts. For example, after registration, give users the opportunity to share about their ticket purchase on Facebook or LinkedIn.

In terms of the event app, Eventscase for example has a feature that tracks all Tweets containing a specific hashtag and displaying all of them in one place. This would allow attendees to get a glimpse of what’s trending within social media channels related to the event they’re attending.

Social media in itself a is a wonder to behold for event managers and attendees alike. It must be maximized during events using a smart event management software.

On-site hardware

Some software packages’ support goes beyond the planning and management stage and assists the execution on the day with physical tool add-ons. An example here at Eventscase is our on-site box, in which you’ll receive: all the material you need to print your attendees’ badges; kiosk app, tablets, printers and 4G routers. It is an easy-to-use pre-configured system that you only need to connect for it to work and we will have expert staff to support you on-site with the entire registration and accreditation process.


With all of these features, it’s clear that event management software has the power to take your events to the next level. There are so many great things you can do with it—more than we could cover in just one article! The key is finding the program that’s right for your business. Do some research and make sure you understand the details of each possible piece of software before making a decision. And if you still have questions about any specific features or programs, feel free to reach out to us!

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