Happy summer at Eventscase!

summer blog 1 - Happy summer at Eventscase!

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With the summer heat at its peak, many of us are about to embark on different adventures to cool off, recharge our batteries, think about new strategies, and reflect on all the lessons we have learned so far this year.

The year 2022 has meant the return of face-to-face events after major disruptions during the pandemic. Large trade fairs, congresses and, in general, face-to-face meetings have materialised in all their splendour and Eventscase has been with its clients by providing fundamental technology for all types of events.

We have been on-site at some events. Nothing else compares to living that experience again! You can see some examples here. We have a list of upcoming events and we cannot be more excited about attending.

Despite the holidays to be enjoyed by some staff members, our operations remain intact and our Help Center is open for any customer needing a hand during business hours. Our social networks are still abuzz and you may still send an email to enquiries@eventscase.com for general enquiries.

The only break that we’re taking as an entire team is tomorrow, Friday, the 29th of July. All Eventscase staff will be enjoying their traditional summer lunch which means the Help Center will be temporarily closed. In any case, urgent tickets will still be received and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Eventscase equipo - Happy summer at Eventscase!

Some internal changes

On a related note, one of the greatest novelties we’ve implemented is to pilot test the 4-day working week during the summer. Depending on the productivity and key performance indicators of our team, we are looking into a permanent implementation of this setup after August.

For years, Eventscase has always advocated for an optimal work-life balance for its staff. Prior to the pandemic, the team already enjoyed the possibility of a hybrid employment format combining on-site and remote working. During the pandemic, all Eventscase employees worked remotely and, after the end of the confinement and restrictions, it was decided to close the offices to keep telecommuting as the only option. 

We have of course embraced different safeguards in order to maintain the quality of our services. All our departments have compromised on the individual schedules of its team members to make sure that we fulfil all agreements made with our clients in terms of customer support and product delivery from Mondays to Fridays.

day workweek at Eventscase - Happy summer at Eventscase!

New developments in sight

In the previous product releases, we launched a new meeting system that will eventually replace our 1-to-1 networking tool. As an event organiser, you can now create tables within a meeting space so that attendees know exactly where they need to sit when it’s time to meet other attendees. 

Tables are useful at events where you want to enjoy highly organised and structured networking. In these cases, it is common to have large spaces set up with numbered tables where attendees can direct themselves to their assigned meeting places.

We will be presenting this and other developments in our monthly product newsletter very soon. 

Seleccionar espacio de reunion aforo limitado - Happy summer at Eventscase!

Eventscase What’s Up event in September

After the summer, we have already reserved a date in September for our third “What’s Up” event. This quarterly event aims to focus on the presentation of new products and functionalities from a technical perspective as well as our motivations for implementing these changes. Mark your calendars because on September 21st at 11 am UK time we will be broadcasting this event and everyone’s invited!

Don’t miss it, sign up here!

whatsup - Happy summer at Eventscase!

August campaign on social media

We wanted to save what we are most excited about for last. This September we will be 10 years old. We wish it could come sooner because we have experienced so many things in the last decade that are nothing short of magical. We’d like to give thanks to each and every one of the people who have collaborated in making this project that began in London in 2012 a huge success today. 

To kick off the celebrations, we will start with a special campaign on social media during the month of August called “Meet the Team”, because the team behind Eventscase is the true architect – together with all our clients – of this dream that has become something much bigger than we could ever imagine.

Stay tuned to our social media channels because the best is yet to come! Always aiming higher!  

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