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Regardless of the event format, there are two common goals that any event organiser would want to achieve: to reach the widest audience possible and to increase potential income.

In our last session of ‘Did you know?’, we talked about the latter—particularly on monetising events through sponsorships. We also explored three specific products from Eventscase that help increase sponsorship visibility.

The key to attracting more sponsors is to emphasise the value you can offer them in exchange for their investment and to make it the core of your proposal. Here are some samples that we have mentioned during the last episode:

  • Increased brand awareness: Events can help sponsors reach a large audience within their target demographic, thereby boosting brand awareness and positive sentiment toward the brand.
  • Networking opportunities: You can offer sponsors the opportunity to speak to event attendees. They can take advantage of these types of interactions to capture data from potential customers and generate new contacts.
  • Data access: Events often give access to a lot of valuable data about attendees. Giving sponsors access to this data can help them improve their marketing strategy through predictive analytics.

Eventscase products that increase sponsorship visibility

As you already know, we uncover specific features of the platform for these on-demand sessions to help you maximise Eventscase.

In today’s episode of ‘Did you know?’, we have explored the following products to help you monetise your agenda and event through sponsorships:

  1. Digital Venue: sponsors can be shown on the homepage of the Digital Venue and within specific sessions as well.
  2. Event App: in the event app there are two ways to show your sponsors—one is through dynamic sponsor banners and the other is through the sponsors tab within the app menu.
  3. Website: the website supports modules to highlight sponsors. Dynamic modules automatically draw event data and would allow visitors to open sponsor profiles.

Here’s a preview of the last session:

In conclusion

Technology bolsters different ways to monetise your event through sponsorships. As long as you know how to present the value of your event to sponsors, and as long as you equip yourself with the right tools, you can increase your income stream for all your events.

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