New ‘Client Highlight’ Paper

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At Eventscase, we strive for excellence and make sure that our solutions deliver results—real, tangible results that can be measured by our clients. This is one of our major driving forces as we celebrate every victory, big or small, that our clients would graciously share to us at the end of their events. 

To bolster this collaborative method of working with our clients, we are launching a new downloadable paper format that would showcase the success of our clients as they maximise Eventscase as an event management software—the ‘Client Highlight’.

This type of paper would focus on one client and their overall story. It will be structured in such a way that readers would get a clear idea of what the client envisions as an event organiser and how Eventscase specifically fills in different gaps in the event management process. There is a client introduction, Q&A section, and a closing paragraph for this type of format along with all supporting data presented in infographics.

Diseno sin titulo 2022 03 17T093119.318 - New ‘Client Highlight’ Paper

We hope to emphasise the unique story of each of our clients and encapsulate their success in an easy-to-read paper which you may download as a PDF file. Each ‘Client Highlight’ will be announced individually through our different communication channels.

The Selection Process

We work with various clients all year round. While we’d love to highlight all of them, we are compelled to include only those who have expressly consented to their data being used for this specific purpose. Our internal team nevertheless endeavours to capture different stories and work with clients who are willing to be interviewed virtually for the paper’s Q&A section. We also assess every client story and verify all the data that is provided to us in order to determine the finalists.

We also love to help our clients promote their businesses through this new format! When our client achieves more through Eventscase, we want to share to the world our partnership that is forged on trust and results. Nothing makes us feel more accomplished as a company when we know that our solutions are working and making a great difference for end users. 

Event Options SA

The very first finalist for our new paper format is an agency which hails all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa—Event Options. We started working with them on February 17, 2021 when they contracted the website, Digital Venue and onsite check-in products for reselling to their own clients that have varied requirements for RSVP, registrations, check-ins, webinars, virtual events and hybrid events.

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To find out how Eventscase helped Event Options increase their revenues by up to R850,000 (approx. €50,000) after using the platform for ten virtual events, download the ‘Client Highlight’ below.

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