What is the best event management software?

what is the best event management software copia - What is the best event management software?

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When asked the question as to what is the best event management software, the first thing that comes to mind is always the type of customer service behind the solution. In my experience dealing with different clients as a project manager – most of them actually look for platforms where they feel comfortable and where they feel like they are being taken care of at a personal level.

As such, I’d like to focus this blog not on specific features of an event management software, but on the key signs that a software provider is investing heavily in the quality of their services.

Different customer support channels

Within Eventscase, clients may avail of a support and development package which would give them the right to avail of different services, including those of a dedicated project manager. The project manager is the first point of contact for many clients, since it is the project manager who does the onboarding and who would take care of any customisation requests, if there are any.

Apart from the personalised service that a project manager gives, putting emphasis on client requirements and how to maximise the software, Eventscase also offers support via account managers and our service desk, the Help Center.

The Help Center is comprised of our bigger support team and, in it, clients may send different types of tickets such as asking product questions, reporting errors, or requesting for customisations. Our customer support team is widely known for its responsiveness, which even led to Eventscase being nominated for the best customer support team at the “Event Technology Awards – The People” in 2022.

For more demanding events where onsite or oncall support is required, the Eventscase team is also quick to arrange this with clients. Wherever the event is held, as long as this service is acquired, our team will do its best to implant a solution and process where our products are involved.

Personally, I have travelled to many countries in Europe offering onsite support for some clients.

The roadmap is adapted to the most urgent client requirements

Perhaps a perfect example of this is how Eventscase pivoted on its heels during the Covid pandemic. Before the lockdowns were mandated worldwide, Eventscase mostly catered to physical events. Since attendees could not meet in person, Eventscase had to develop a website facility for virtual events in record time. In just a few months, we were able to offer the Digital Venue, which is an online hub where attendees can consume digital content, participate in live interaction tools, and network with other people.

Apart from this, we have also launched our Product Portal which in essence is a direct line to our product team. Within this portal, clients are able to see which development points are being prioritised and are pending release. Moreover, clients can also send product feedback which will be evaluated individually by our product team. In several instances, we have executed product improvements based on real feedback coming from our clients.

Everyone from our team is dedicated to customer service

Another thing I admire about Eventscase is that everyone in our team is trained and obligated to exert effort in providing great customer service. Our representatives within our business development team are very meticulous when it comes to nailing down client requirements and making sure that Eventscase is a right fit from the get-go. We’ve had long-standing relationships with different clients, some of them have been in our roster for more than five years and are not thinking of switching providers soon.

The software can be customised depending on client requirements

We are a company that accepts customisation requests. Although we cannot say yes to all of our clients’ requests, we do develop bespoke features as long as we have the time and resources to spare before they are needed. Major corporations have acquired whitelabelled versions of the Eventscase software, and some of them even enjoy bespoke solutions. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all platform out there and that, sometimes, individualised solutions are absolutely needed.

We meticulously monitor the performance of our servers

Our servers have been up for 99% of the time in the last five years, and only suffered from minor outages which were directly linked with our provider of choice ‘Amazon Web Services’. Our systems team always makes sure that major events are being monitored before, during, and after peak times to make sure that the platform is fully operational until the event ends. We’ve had major events run through Eventscase including COP25 by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and an annual conference from one of the UK’s largest political parties. These events drew thousands of people, and we were able to address their server requirements way ahead of time.

We love our clients

While this last characteristic cannot be quantified in any way, we do genuinely look out for the success of our clients’ events. We’ve helped empower thousands of events since 2012 and every positive client feedback gives us the energy to even do better for the future.

We have project managers who have been working with specific clients for more than five years already. This is a testament to our commitment to help our clients and foster productive relationships that transcend business transactions.

As such, if you are looking for the best event management software, and you need help in determining your top choice  – I invite you to look into the customer service track record of your potential providers. Check out the company’s social media channels and check out their engagement with potential clients. Try to see if there is a human team behind a solution and delve into reading client testimonials, software ratings, and even word of mouth from other clients who’ve used these solutions in the past.

The question “What is the best event management software?” is a tough one. If we were to truly dissect it, we’d look into features, functionality, user experience, design, etc.  as some of the factors that would help us pinpoint “the best”. But then again, make sure to do your research on customer support and service quality as well. I have come upon many clients who have decided to use Eventscase because they felt that they are simply “another company to bill” for some larger competitors.

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