Eventscase Official launch: Did you know?

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One of our main objectives as a software development company is to offer you, our users, the facility to organise events using our platform. While we try to meet your requirements on all fronts, the events industry is diverse and ever-changing, and the truth is that we have developed a multitude of different functionalities in the last 10 years. 

We are now faced with the challenge of filling in knowledge gaps amongst end users and empowering you more as our consumers. Many of you wish to know the platform as much as we do—and we definitely support this initiative!

Our team has delved very deeply into the Eventscase platform for this. Our catalogue is composed of 11 products and there are hundreds of use cases we considered to kickstart this new campaign that we are excited to share with you. 

We are officially inviting you to register for our “Did you know?” sessions today! “Did you know?” is a monthly series of video-on-demand sessions where we will explore less obvious features of our software that can help in your day-to-day operations. 

True to its name, we will be exploring different topics which may have escaped your radar—of things that you may not have known about the Eventscase platform but can significantly change the way you work.

First session coming right up

We are starting with the first session which is “All about UTMs“. Did you know that our platform allows you to use UTMs to find out which channels work best for your event marketing strategy? 

You may be wondering what UTMs are—fret not, we will cover everything from the basics during this session. Simla tells us that they are an analytics tool that allows you to receive detailed statistics about the behaviour of visitors to your website, how they find it, and the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. 

Our Head of Product Training, Sam Garcia, is our resident expert when it comes to UTMs. He will tackle this topic and ground it on concepts relevant to event organisation.

Did that pique your curiosity? Access the full session by registering here.

Upcoming sessions

But this is not the end of the story. In the upcoming months, we have already pencilled in more topics!

  • Who abandoned the registration process: Did you know that our registration solution allows you to know who has abandoned the registration process before completing it? Don’t you think it’s a good way to know who to focus your retargeting efforts on? Join us and we’ll show you how to get more registrations for your next event by setting up custom campaigns for these types of “almost” attendees. 
  • Monetise your agenda: Did you know that you can add unique sponsors to your event agenda sessions that don’t have to match your global sponsors? Join us and we will tell you how to increase monetisation possibilities by increasing the visibility of some or all of your sponsors.
  • Get connected with Zapier: Did you know that Eventscase is an authorised Zapier partner? That means we can use their technology to connect our platform with hundreds of other tools—and that’s not an exaggeration! One of our main goals is to enable you to work on a single platform with access to everything you need to organise your event. What better way to increase your team’s productivity if we can streamline data from other providers to Eventscase? Join this session and we’ll tell you which integrations are the most common or requested, and much more!

desola lanre ologun IgUR1iX0mqM unsplash - Eventscase Official launch: Did you know?
Picture from Desola Lanre-Ologun at Unsplash

In addition, we have set up a space in our Digital Venue (for all sessions), where we will host all these audiovisual contents on-demand and where you can leave us your comments, propose other topics, make suggestions, etc.

We are very hyped up about this new launch and we hope you’ll join us in this monthly learning adventure! See you there!

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