How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Event Management

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The reality is AI today offers innovative ways to make our lives easier. This is also the case when it comes to the event management, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) can improve live event management and make the life of an event planner easier.

Before we explore how artificial intelligence is incorporated into events, or how it is changing the event industry as a whole, lets go back to the basics.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Within different fields and industries, the term AI is defined in a number of ways. In the event industry, it generally refers to technology that can understand an environment or interact with it using statements and the capability to intelligently learn and adapt. It is seen as an innovative tool which we should all embrace, to improve live event planning, from tightening security, to capturing attendee data in a more effective way.

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Event Apps and Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we do business and how we interact with others. It allows event planners to save precious time, while still maintaining a high standard of service throughout all areas of the planning process.

Event apps are widely used in the industry, standing at the forefront we have the opportunity to learn and improve with every event we attend. Artificial intelligence and its capability for learning will ensure attendees feel like they have a personal assistant tailored to their needs. You can have event schedules, documents, registration capabilities, as well as the ability to incorporate on-demand chat features. These learning features are what allows for smoother event launches, all while maintaining a high level of attendee assistance with minimal human interaction, and with the need for less staffing, the cost of using these event applications is countered by the reduced cost in temporary staffing.

Chatbots are very much similar to event apps, the conversational tool can emulate how a human will respond to site visitors and event app users by answering questions and maintaining conversation. With the ability for users to integrate chatbots into messaging apps they already own without downloading an additional app or extension adds to the features usability. Eventscase has its own dedicated chatgpt for events to enhance the attendee experience before, during and after the event.

In general, these chatbots are able to analyse and provide real-time insights into users’ reactions to the events, while providing event specific information to attendees, creating a support network that is instantaneous in providing support before, during and after the event

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Artificial Intelligence within Marketing

Getting people to attend your event in the first place is a major hurdle for some, but with the ability to artificially capture demographic data, providing useful insights into your target audience and helping with the optimisation of marketing messages based on trends pinpointed by AI. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is easier than ever to attract the right people to your event, matching potential attendees across industries with overlapping interests, to identifying trends that fit with your campaign, and AI technology allows marketing teams to work more efficiently.


AI is adept at discovering patterns, searching data, translating languages, answering questions and making predictions within the event industry, all while performing such tasks more efficiently than any human could. The level of immediate and accurate feedback  gives you invaluable data to use in reviewing the success of your event and planning the next one.

Technological advances are constantly evolving, so we need to become more familiar with the new trends and tools. Within these advances the field of AI is rapidly growing and changing and is sure to affect every part of our lives, including how we attend events with AI becoming more important than ever. Prepare for the future of artificial intelligence within the event industry as it’s here to stay! So, the sooner you stay on top of this trend and start taking advantage of all the ways it can improve the attendee experience, the better.

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