Top 3 events of 2023 in Europe

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Today we highlight what, in our opinion, are the three most important events so far this year in Europe. Why these and not others? Because these three events stand out for their technological innovation and for the generation of synergies and contacts that go beyond the limits of the venues where they are held.

1. The Next Web (TNW) AMSTERDAM

What is “The Next Web”?

The Next Web is held every year in Amsterdam-Zaandam, specifically in “Taets Art and Event Park,” on June 15th and 16th. It is an event founded in 2006 that brings together, connects and educates the startup world, creating the necessary space where companies and technology can feedback each other in an active and innovative way thanks to the generation of conferences of different kinds (Data Economy, Digital Commerce, Future Technology, etc). The event brings together more than 120 countries, more than 6,000 companies, and more than 1,500 startups and works with numerous renowned companies such as Google, Microsoft or Nike.

The event consists of discussing current issues in the world of technology and innovation, in order to find and define the future challenges we will face as a society, and to generate the necessary technological solutions to address them. 

All the themes of the conferences are aligned with the profile of the participants, people defined as “key decision makers” who represent the most innovative European startups from around the world. However, the event is also attended by a large number of investors and corporations, important players in search of new talent and projects in which to invest.  

On the other hand, the event is also an immersive experience in other fields, such as music or gastronomy, thus promoting interpersonal relationships in leisure spaces such as concerts and celebrations.  

Currently, and due to its great recognition and expansion, the organization has created other projects such as TNW News, TNW Deals or Index, the latter being an application that connects startups, investors and corporations in the sector.

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What is the aim of this event?

To build a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable future by bringing together different agents in the technology sector to create synergies and new links that will lead to new solutions to face today’s challenges thanks to technology. 

What are the benefits of the event?

Currently, being able to maintain links between companies, organizations, startups or investors is becoming increasingly complicated due to the exponential competition to which the technology market is being subjected. Hence, many agents are being forced to look for large events, such as The Next Web, in order to get a key place to create and generate synergies between the different agents in the sector. 

That is why TNW benefits startups in different ways. The main one is to offer them a space on its platform where they can hold conversations and meetings with investors and corporations and thus establish the first contact links.

Event technology

The organization has its own app “App TNW” where, both before and after the event, all invited agents can be connected simultaneously, and can also view the floor plan of the space where the event takes place, observing the different exhibitors, or the networking areas. The app can also be used to create an exclusive calendar with the times and speakers that the user wants to highlight.

Inclusion and diversity 

Each year the event invites not only different professionals from the world of technology and innovation, but also great opinion leaders and activists so that they can bring to the event new perspectives and different points of view. 

On the other hand, the undervaluation of women in the business world is still present. For this reason, the event has decided that women’s tickets will have a lower cost than men’s, as a sign of the organization’s opposition to gender inequality.

Finally, the event also promotes the development of young digital talent, believing in education and giving the space and inspiration that these young people need to continue developing professionally. Thus, the event is associated with numerous universities and business schools in order to transmit in these spaces the necessary knowledge to become part of the technological ecosystem. 

What can we conclude?

We can conclude that “The New Web” is an innovative event on a large scale, not only in terms of its infrastructure and systems implementation, but also for its great potential for expansion around the world. 

Finally, and although it is still to be decided definitively, it has already been reported that the next edition of the event may be in Valencia, being a great opportunity for the Spanish market to position the best startups and to get contacts and experiences from Amsterdam.


In 1947, after the Second World War, a company of German workers was created with the purpose of promoting the economy and industry, called “Deutsche Messe- und Ausstellungs-AG”. Later, this company would found what is known today as “Hannover Export Fair 1947”, a fair founded in Hannover, a German city, but held more specifically in the “Hannover Fairground” every year. This year it was held from April 22 to 26.

The fair was very well received, as more than 736,000 visitors from more than 53 different countries attended. Today, it still has the same reputation it has had since its founding.

The main objective is to verify the efficiency of its production in terms of the use of its resources and how they can reduce CO2 emissions, in addition to providing the most innovative solutions that can solve current problems through technology. 

On the other hand, the event also offers the opportunity to present papers and conferences on topics that are currently trending in the industry such as artificial intelligence, carbon neutral production, energy management, fuel cells, robotics, and startups, among many others. 

The event has a great international relevance, since most of its audience comes from different countries, a third of the attendees come from outside Germany, and even more than half of them come from outside Europe.

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HANNOVER MESSE 2023 , Highlightrundgang , Beckhoff , Halle 9 , F06 , 3-axis delta robot

As for the benefits that this event generates, they can be divided between those that go to the exhibitors and those that go to the attendees. Exhibitors gain both visibility for their innovations and products, as well as new customers, who can make use of the products while testing and experimenting with them

On the other hand, the benefits that this event brings to all attendees are innumerable, since the event provides the experience of being able to create new contacts and synergies with large industrial companies, as well as discovering new trends in technological innovation. This is what the event attendees affirm, since 70% of them certify that their professional and labor activity has been enriched after having attended the event. 

In conclusion, we can affirm that “Hannover Messe” has a great historical trajectory in which it has been able to host one of the best and most important events in the world.

3. IFA BERLIN 2023

Nowadays, technology paves the way for new inventions. All of them are designed and created to help us in the development and productivity of modern life. However, the market is expanding more and more and researchers must create and manufacture new products in a more innovative way to compete. Hence, the question arises: how can companies bring profitability and at the same time balance innovation and sustainability?

Thus was born Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, IFA BERLIN, considered to be the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances. It was founded in 1924, in Berlin, but was officially inaugurated by Albert Einstein in 1930. It is held every year from September 1 to 5, 2023 at Messe Berlin (Germany) and is attended by more than 130 countries from all over the world. 

The event brings together numerous pioneers in the industry field, more than 2,000 innovative brands from the world of consumer electronics and reaches record numbers of new product introductions. All leading brands showcase, share and explain their innovative products on displays to all attendees through demo days, pitching contests, investor panels, etc. The corporate innovation, incubation, and investment teams aim to find the disruptors in the consumer electronics and home appliances sector, in order to discover the latest technology that will drive business development and preserve the talent of new startups, always keeping in mind to position companies as digital and technological disruptors.

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The event hosts numerous types of exhibitors, highlighting the following:

  • Audio: IFA Berlin is considered the world’s meeting place to present the best products in the audio sector and analyze the future of features such as noise cancellation, wireless technology, etc. 
  • Communication and connectivity: Some of the companies participating in IFA are Samsung Mobile, Sony Mobile, and Huawei.
  • Fitness and digital health: Major brands such as Fitbit, along with others, have already presented their products to further promote the fitness technology market.
  • Global Markets: IFA is considered the largest European B2B sourcing platform for consumer and home electronics. 
  • Home & Entertainment: Renowned brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, among many others, have showcased their latest innovations.

As for the benefits that this event brings to companies, we can highlight the following: 

  • Generating new leads thanks to the exposure of their brand to technology leaders and buyers.
  • Fostering thought leadership thanks to the immersive experience at the event, increasing awareness of new brands, and new startups. 
  • Providing networking opportunities with other companies and the 150,000+ trade visitors in order to reach a wider international retail audience.
  • Generating synergies with the media in order to get media coverage from more than 5,000 journalists and PR agencies.

On the other hand, the latest news of this great event of 2023 is that IFA NEXT has decided to partner with TNW, an organization with experience in the startup sector, to continue to be considered one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and thus be able to continue contacting founders, investors and corporate innovation labs.

Sustainability as the way forward

Sustainability is increasingly taking on a more important role in the way companies develop. Hence, this year the event has decided to create a space called “The Sustainability Village” where different professionals give lectures on how to implement the best sustainability practices in each of the companies. 

The main objective is to be able to connect sustainability leaders with IFA to show the latest solutions of the sector itself and thus be able to build a sustainable strategy that is able to meet the needs of consumers, who are increasingly active

In conclusion, IFA is the perfect destination to find and discover new ideas and approaches on how to solve, in an innovative way, the upcoming issues in the consumer electronics market. It is the world-renowned space in which to create synergies with emerging startups in the fields of video games, robotics, XR, smart home and digital health, among others.

Wrapping up

In the end, although society is witnessing a change in the way we pursue technology, it is through the union of thoughts and ideas that makes it possible for us to continually innovate and adapt better to the passing of time.

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