Recap on ‘AI Unveiled: Revolutionising Event Management’


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On 5 March, at 10 a.m. GMT, Eventscase held a webinar on artificial intelligence (AI) and how it relates to event management. The session featured insightful discussions led by María Pérez and guest speaker Fátima Barbero.

What happened?

Iván García, CTO of Eventscase, kicked off the event by showcasing different AI applications, including Eventscase’s AI Assistant, and telling the audience that the recorded video of himself (which was played right before he entered) was modified by AI.

María Pérez, Head of Project Management at Eventscase, was then introduced to the stage. She highlighted the benefits of AI tools and invited attendees to formulate and direct their questions at a later time––after she interviewed Fátima Barbero, VP of Event Managers Association (EMA) in Spain and Head of Global Events at Forto.


Key points from Fátima Barbero on Artificial Intelligence

During the interview section, Fátima shared her journey integrating artificial intelligence tools and emphasised AI’s role in enhancing logistical planning, personalising attendee experiences, and automating routine tasks.

Addressing concerns about AI adoption, Fátima emphasised education on artificial intelligence capabilities, positioning AI as a support tool rather than a replacement for human effort. She advised event organisers to start with foundational AI knowledge and gradually explore specific applications.

Attendees also explored the ethical considerations of AI integration and the future of event organisation post-COVID, envisioning hybrid events and immersive experiences. Fátima highlighted AI solutions she utilises in her work, including ChatGPT and Jasper, emphasising their benefits in content generation and marketing.

The webinar concluded with two questions from the audience, which were addressed collectively by Iván and Fátima. María then bade goodbye, expressing hopes that the insights shared would aid event managers in leveraging AI effectively.

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