‘Did You Know?’ Episode 8 – Push Notifications: You choose!

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Did you know that we spend approximately 3 hours a day on our mobile devices and 90% of that time is dedicated to apps? In the world of events, push notifications are more than just a tool; they are a strategy to capture attendees’ attention. In the latest session of our ‘Did you know?’ series, we explored how you can maximise push notifications within the Eventscase platform.

What is a push notification?

According to Tamoco, a leading company in geospatial data, a push notification is real-time communication between an app and a user, irrespective of whether the app is open at that time or not.

The primary purpose of notifications is to provide a communication channel between apps and users, to add value through relevant information included in the push notification itself.

A push notification is more immediate than other forms of communication, such as email, and there’s no room for spam as they rely on whether the user has opted to receive notifications or not, making them an effective way to reach users with important information.

Important Statistics

Before delving into strategy, it’s crucial to understand the effectiveness of push notifications in numbers:

  • Average CTR of 8% – more than double that of emails
  • Higher open rate on Android devices
  • iOS users interact more immediately

Best Practices

To get the most out of this powerful communication tool, it’s essential to follow some best practices:

  • Relevance: Know your audience and provide relevant content.
  • Personalisation: Use the Eventscase platform to target specific groups or even individuals.

Here’s a one-minute summary of the contents of episode eight.

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Push notifications are a potent yet delicate form of communication. Misuse can lead to high uninstall rates for your app. However, if used correctly, they can be your best ally to retain and gain loyalty from your event attendees. In that regard, our platform is optimised to help you in several aspects.

Remember that you can view previous episodes where we covered helpful and interesting topics related to our offerings at Eventscase. These are short 10-15-minute sessions that aim to educate viewers of lesser-known features of the platform.

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