‘Did You Know?’ Episode 9 – All in order!

Promotional Codes and Badges, Proper Order and Configuration, Eventscase, event management, Events Software

We have reached the penultimate session of our “Did you know?” series, where we have been exploring the lesser-known and more impactful functionalities of our platform on a monthly basis

In this session, we dive into the digital world, full of information and challenges for event organisers. We’ll show you how to select and use the right information to improve efficiency in event organisation and ensure a memorable experience for attendees.

Key topics of this session

  • Promotional Codes and Badges: Learn how to set them up effectively and understand their direct impact on the attendee experience.
  • Proper Order and Configuration: Learn the importance of the order of codes and badges on the platform to avoid confusion and improve the user experience.

This session is essential for any event organiser looking to maximise efficiency and attendee satisfaction. In addition, we offer practical tips and strategies to avoid common mistakes. 

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Mentxu Sendino

I'm Mentxu Sendino, CMO at EventsCase. I believe in content marketing as a brand value, a fundamental element on which to base the credibility of organisations.

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