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One of our main objectives as an event management software company is to help you become power users of our platform. This would set you apart from average users who do not know (yet) how to maximise all available functionalities.

For this reason, we have launched the “Did you know?” series a few weeks ago to delve into specific functions found on the Eventscase platform that you may not have known before. These are short 10-15 minute episodes that you may view on-demand after registering for them. So far, we have covered the following topics:

👉 All about UTM Parameters

Did you know that you may receive detailed statistics about the behaviour of visitors to your website through UTM parameters?

👉 Get Connected with Zapier (Integrations)

Did you know that Eventscase is an authorised Zapier partner? That means we can use their technology to connect our platform with hundreds of other tools—and that’s not an exaggeration! 

If you want to view these two episodes now, simply register for them on the website:

You will receive email instructions on how to access them. The process is very easy, and you get to learn something new related to our platform!

Also watch out for two more sessions that we will be releasing soon:

👉 Monetise your agenda

Did you know that you can add unique sponsors to your event agenda sessions that don’t have to match your global sponsors? Join us and we will tell you how to increase monetisation possibilities by increasing the visibility of some or all of your sponsors.

👉 Who abandoned the registration process?

Did you know that our registration solution allows you to know who has abandoned the registration process before completing it? This would allow you to retarget them and eventually convince them to join.

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You may already register for them as early as now and you will be informed once the content is available.

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