Did you know: Who abandoned the registration process?

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Event organisers may see attendance rates in decline. Audiences now demand more — a higher quality in content and experience, and sometimes even alternative event formats. 

It may take double the effort to bring potential attendees to register for your event. Sometimes you would need to invest money in elaborate marketing campaigns to attract the right audience. But getting them to the registration page is just the first step. What really matters is whether they complete the registration process or not.

Identify who abandoned the registration process

This is the focus of our fourth session of “Did you know?”: finding out who abandoned the registration process so that you can run a systematic retargeting campaign.

Eventscase allows you to find out who are those attendees who started to complete the registration form but did not finish it. Once you have identified them, it is easier to send them a personalised email to ask them whether they need assistance or whether they’d like to avail of special discounts. All of these can be easily done with a click of a button.

Here’s a 1-minute video summary of this session:

Tips to reduce drop-out rates

Moreover, we will also share important tips to reduce registration drop-outs. In the best case scenario, you won’t have to worry about abandonment rates because you’ll have an overflowing number of attendees.

These are some ideas that we can explore together:

  • Simplify and Customise Registration Forms  
  • Import Databases
  • Include Payment Gateways in the Registration Process
  • Optimise Registration for Mobile Phones

Have we convinced you? This will be a short and straightforward session where we’ll get to the heart of the matter in a few minutes. To view the full session, register for it below and we will send you access details to the content via email:

As you know, we have been developing the “Did you know?” series since the start of 2023. In each of the sessions, we discover lesser-known features of the Eventscase platform which we consider to be of enormous value

So far, we have talked about UTM parameters and how to track them from our platform, integrations with Zapier and ways to monetise your event using sponsorships.

See you soon!

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