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One of the biggest challenges for event organisers is driving conversation between attendees. This can be done via ‘networking sessions’ ... Read more.
promote events - Blog
The task of promoting events has evolved significantly in the last few years. Printed media and billboards remain key to ... Read more.
event technology - Blog
Most events need sponsors to ensure they are financially viable to run. For those that operate via a ticket-based model, ... Read more.
event planning - Blog
Whether your corporation is big, small, or somewhere in the middle, you should already know about the importance of driving ... Read more.
event sponsorship packages - Blog
Every event, regardless of whether it’s a press conference, an exhibition, a private gathering or even a music festival, is ... Read more.
event wifi - Blog
Events have now become reliant on technology to function at optimal levels. as well as for powering the organisers’ own ... Read more.
events sponsors - Blog
Picture the scene: you enter an exhibition hall for an event you’re scheduled to attend, armed with just a smartphone ... Read more.
event crm - Blog
CRM refers to the process of being able to effectively manage the relationships that a business has with the people ... Read more.
event registration - Blog
We’ve all been to a conference, an exhibition or private gathering that hasn’t quite mastered the art of admission, whether ... Read more.
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