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  • Native Event App: The event app eliminates the need for printed programs and registration packs for your events.
  • Access to Important Event Content: Event details such as the venue, program, speakers, and sponsors. With offline functionality, the app continues to be a helpful guide even when offline.
  • Favourite Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Delegates and Take Down Notes.
  • QR Code Generator: Your attendees will be logged individually in the attendee database.


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Native Event App

It is a helpful mobile solution that improves attendee engagement. The event app is a good way to promote sponsorship and may act as a new revenue.

Access to Event Content

When attendees open the event app for the first time, all event data that are integrated to the event management software will be downloaded.

QR Code Generator

Once they retrieve the QR code through the app, it can be used for check-in as the EventsCase check-in app has the ability to read QR codes.


The event app give participants access to the entire attendee list if you allow it. This will give them the opportunity to know the people who are coming. 

Floor Plan for Trade Exhibitions

For trade exhibitions and multi-room venues, it is always helpful to present the floor plan. Through a dedicated floor plan tab, attendees will see the stand numbers of exhibitors or the specific rooms located in a venue.

Favourite Speakers and Take Down Notes

For events with invited speakers, attendees can now run through the ‘Speakers’ tab to favourite speakers and take down notes. This allows them to process event content better and write down their thoughts for future use.


What exactly are the features of the event planning app?

Exciting Add-Ons – Customised App Solutions

Push Notifications
Social Media Integration
Lead Capture
Live Polls
Post-event Surveys
Networking Groups

Notifications can automatically be pushed to mobile devices if there are important reminders pertaining to each attendee’s schedule. Push notifications can also be used as an announcement platform on the day of your event.

For your attendees who are always in touch with social media, this type of integration will allow them to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among many others) through the app. An activity feed can also be optimised within the app so that they can see what other attendees are currently posting through your event hashtag.

The lead capture feature enables your attendees to read QR codes through their mobile devices’ camera. This will allow them to easily acquire personal details associated to a unique code such as an attendee’s name, company, email address, and phone number at the press of a button. At the end of the event, attendees will have their own list of captured leads which they can then download as a CSV file for emailing or printing.

If you are looking for ways to further engage your attendees during the event, the event app can be used by attendees to participate in live polls. Your attendees’ answers can be collated in real time and shown through the event website.

Spicing up an event is now easier through the event app. Various gamification components can be added to the app to let your attendees “play” as they attend your event.

Any event organiser would want to know what attendees think of the event. A good way to objectively measure your event’s performance is by allowing attendees to complete a post-event survey straight from the app.

For different types of events, individual sessions between attendees are highly encouraged. The matchmaking function will give your attendees access to a network where they can initiate and manage meeting requests based on their own criteria. The algorithm also gets smarter as your attendees say 'yes' or 'no' to recommended people. It's a fun way to encourage networking!

You can create different networking groups in your event to maximize participation and engagement from attendees. All members of a group will be able to communicate with one another through the event planning app. You can also create filters to let specific groups network with other groups. This cane be done by categorising all your attendees into different types.

This app function would allow you to send questionnaires or surveys before, during, and after the event to your attendees. For seminars and workshops, this can be a good way to objectively measure learning or to generate feedback for a panel of speakers.

The EventsCase Bespoke & Branded App

The EventsCase development team is always there to guide you with all the important steps to build your event app. We can help you define an app strategy and look for the best features to incorporate into the app. We can submit the apps ourselves to the app stores.

We make sure that the event app is branded and designed based on your branding guidelines. You may choose the colours, the logos, and visual elements of the app to make sure that it looks exactly the way you want it.

Whatever type of event you are organising, EventsCase hopes to bring added value to your cause by providing attendees an innovative mobile tool that lets them experience your events in a highly modern way. The EventsCase event app caters to the needs of corporations, PCOs, media, associations, educational institutions, non-profit organisations, event organisers, event agencies, tradeshows, and event organisers.

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