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The EventsCase event check in app is one of the most straightforward solutions for registration and check-in. If you are constantly organising big events with hundreds to thousands of attendees, it must be a challenge to iron out your guest lists all the time. Through this mobile app that your staff members can download to their mobile devices, you get to manage your events better and eliminate any chances for human error.


Here are 10 advantages of using an onsite check in app:

Manage Multiple Events Simultaneously
Alphabetised Guest Lists with Search Function
Read QR Codes from Tickets
Manually Confirm or Cancel Attendance
Accommodate Onsite Registrations
Sync Data to the Cloud
Offline Functionality

Since the application shares the same data as the EventsCase Content Management System, you will be able to manage all your events through the same app. This allows you to simultaneously take care of the check-in process for different events. All you need to do is open your list of events after logging into the event check in app and choose a specific event to manage.

What makes a virtual guest list so convenient to use is your ability to organise entries in different ways. Through the EventsCase event check in app, you can arrange attendees alphabetically or according to their company name. You can then manage each attendee by clicking on their name through the list. If you need to look for a specific guest, you may also use the search function by pressing on the magnifying lens icon. This will allow you and your staff members to take care of any concern related to the guest list in the least amount of time possible.

One of the top features of the onsite check in app is its ability to read QR codes from your attendee’s tickets. Since EventsCase is a comprehensive solution for registration, you can set up ticketing through the cloud software. You may design the tickets in any way you wish and they would come with a unique QR code for each attendee. By using the onsite check in app, you can practically read these codes – may they be printed on paper or displayed through a mobile device – through your mobile device’s camera. There’s no more need to buy additional hardware such as ticket readers when you can simply use your phone!

Clicking on a user profile through the EventsCase event check in app will also allow you to manually confirm or cancel a guest’s attendance. This acts as an alternative check-in solution to the QR code reader. By simply clicking on a user profile, you may mark an attendee as “Confirmed,” “Cancelled,” or “Pending”. This all takes a second or two so that traffic is significantly reduced at the entrance of your venue.

One of the most useful functions of the EventsCase onsite check in app is onsite registration. Not all your attendees would register through the event website. Some of them would decide to register on the day of the event and you would need an onsite registration system to accommodate these new guests. Using the EventsCase app will allow you to easily log guest details and proceed with on-the-spot payments.

The real beauty of cloud software like EventsCase is that all data that goes through it are automatically uploaded through the cloud. This means that you will be able to access updated data at any time and place. The same goes for the event check in app. Since it integrates data with the CMS, it means that the app’s data is automatically updated as long as you are connected to the internet. Your staff members will always have an updated guest list! This prevents the confusion that happens with paper guest lists that may be highly disorganised and prone to human error.

This app function is ideal for multi-session events where they may be various check-in points for attendees. Through the app, you can control access to different areas and know which areas are most frequented by attendees. This allows you to manage different guest lists through a singular mobile solution.

The event check in app also has offline functionality. This means that even if you are not connected to the internet, you will still have access to the guest list and other features of the app.

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