The EventsCase Fully Modular Event Management Website Creator

Event website creation is one of the strongest suits of the EventsCase all-in-one event management software.


  • Create unlimited pages, amazing sitemaps and add/edit content easily (Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Venue)
  • Fully branded websites with 80+ modules to choose from (news, share, gallery, forms, pop-ups...)
  • Variety of already-designed templates
  • Count on our technical and design team to help you build an impactful website


How it works

Create as many pages as you need
Add ready-designed modules per page with content
Order modules per page
Confirm menu (sitemap)

Top 12 Most Essential Modules

Examples of our work


Other Qualities of the EventsCase Platform

The real beauty of the EventsCase platform is the amount of personalisation that you can do to all components of your event website. You can set the privacy of modules to specific parties and you can also choose when to show some modules – before, during, or after an event. This feature is very helpful to streamline specific event information during strategic times. For an easier user experience as you learn the EventsCase event management website, you may also rename modules or choose from different website templates that would fit your vision better.

Aside from the staple modules mentioned above, you may choose from pro modules at a very affordable price. If you need further customisation, you can always contact us and the EventsCase event management website team will be happy to create custom modules just for you.



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