Multiple Registration Options

Whether your event is free, paid, public, or by-invitation-only, you may need to provide different ticket options to your website visitors.

Tickets & Promo Codes

You may also set discount promo codes. Furthermore, designing bespoke tickets for each of your events is doable through the EventsCase ticket editor.

Multiple Delegate Categories

Delegates may come as participants, exhibitors, sponsors, VIP guests, etc. Using the EventsCase event registration software, any attendee may choose a specific profile upon registering.

Online & Offline Payment

It can be connected to any payment gateway as well such as PayPal or Realex so that your attendees can effectively make their ticket purchases in a matter of minutes.


The EventsCase event registration software is a straightforward solution that would allow you to create different ticket types, set discounts, and manage online payments from attendees, among many other functions. To know more about its specific features, please read below.






The badging system will also allow you to automatically create bespoke badges for all your attendees once they have successfully acquired their tickets.

Invoicing Made Easy

The EventsCase event registration software also makes the invoicing process easier for event organisers. This feature is particularly helpful for company-paid events, where you are required by law to provide an invoice under an attendee’s preferred name. You may auto-generate invoices if you want your attendees to receive an automatic invoice upon registration. You can also design the invoice with your company logo, specific instructions, and footers.

Setting of Sales Terms and Conditions

Straight from the EventsCase platform, you may draft terms and conditions that will be displayed during ticket purchase. This is to inform your attendees of the legal terms that they will be agreeing to upon coming to your event.

Advanced Registration

For professional conferences and other similar events, you may need to collect data from the attendees upon registration. Through the EventsCase event registration software, you may activate advanced registration forms for attendees to fill out after they have purchased their tickets. This is a helpful tool if you are doing research or data gathering of sorts from your attendees.

Other Features of the EventsCase Event Registration Software


The EventsCase event registration software also eliminates the need for paper-based work processes. It’s time to say goodbye to paper guest lists and clipboards for your events. You and your staff members can simply review guest lists in any browser or through the onsite check-in app.

This makes registration and ticketing fast, efficient, and less prone to human error!


Event Website Integration
Fully Branded Registration Website
Onsite check in app compatibility
Send emails to all your attendees

The event registration software is automatically integrated to your event website if you are using the EventsCase platform. When you try to set the preliminary settings for your event website, you can choose whether you are organising a paid event or not. Either way, registration and ticketing become staple features of the event website that is also mobile-responsive.

The EventsCase platform also allows you to personalise your event website to however you see it fit. Through the ‘Website Editor’ tab, you can choose from ready-made modules and add various elements to your website. Even if you do not have coding skills, designing and building your event website is as easy as 1-2-3. You may add various modules such as the agenda, exhibitors, sponsors, past events, social media icons, and even the entire attendee list.

By using the EventsCase event registration software, you can study the performance of your events through its different ‘analytics’ functions. You will be able to generate sales reports, see the performance of your event website, and check any feedback logged by your attendees for advanced registration forms or post-event surveys. This is a good way to gain vital insight on how to improve event planning for all your future events.

The event registration software can also work hand in hand with the EventsCase onsite check-in app. The software and mobile application will perform automatic data integration to make sure that your attendee lists between both solutions are always synced.  The check-in app has a dedicated QR code reader to read the tickets generated through the EventsCase registration platform.

You can easily communicate to your attendees through the EventsCase event registration software. You have different emailing options that will allow you to send an email to all your attendees in one go. Alternatively, you may email individual attendees through the ‘send message’ function.

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