Incorporate gamification into the marketing campaign of your event and convert Leads into Clients

The experience offered by gamification within events enhances engagement, memory and loyalty to your brand

What it is

EventsGame Play!

EventsGame gamification dynamics

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  • 1

    Open the EventsCase App and start playing!

  • 2

    Within the area for which the game was developed (Exhibition space etc), when you are near one of the labels, you will receive a notification indicating more precisely where you are (range of 3 or 4 meters). Click on the notification or icon of the game to start playing.

  • 3

    As you focus on the label you will see one of the pieces of the logo in 3D. Click on the 3D piece on the screen of your mobile to collect your first piece!

  • 4

    When you approach another label, another notification will appear advising you that you are nearby and asks if you want to continue playing. Enter "Start game." When you focus on the label, you will see another piece of the 3D logo and with a simple click on your screen you’ve collected your second piece! Keep playing until you collect all 4 pieces of the logo.

When you have all the pieces and you have obtained the complete logo, you will be congratulated with a "Congratulations" message and it will indicate that you have to go to the reception of the event to collect your prize.

If you need help to complete the game you can:

Enter the "labels" section to check the labels you have to collect.


Open the "map" of the game in which you will see indicated an approximate location of the remaining labels.


  • Contributes effectively to convert potential clients into real clients It makes the attendees visit certain key stands and for organisers it can become a relevant business opportunity.
  • With the strategic positioning of the cards you can get attendees to go through the areas that would receive fewer visits, increasing the number of companies that the attendees see, the time they spend at the event, etc.
  • Engagement: Increase commitment to the brand, the memory of the event and your company.
  • Facilitates communication: Generates positive and quality experiences creating a relaxed atmosphere of trust.
  • Customisable: We customise the game to your needs, your goals and your brand.
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Coming soon:

3D games such as knocking away bricks of a castle with a ball or shooting at some targets ... will earn you a piece of the logo.

Scores instead of pieces: The same game dynamics but with scores. Whoever achieves the highest score is the winner!

Gamification launch

Summary of the launch in our London offices of the new functionality of our event application: event gamification