Spark the conversations that bring value to every ticket

EventsCase brings the advantages and opportunities of networking at physical events to the online world. Whether they're at the venue or accessing remotely, we empower your attendees to build new connections at the click of a button

Video call or chat instantly

Your audience might not be able to trade business cards,
but they can still talk face-to-face.

We replicate the spontaneity of those coffee bar conversations by allowing attendees to strike up a conversation with whoever is 'online' and available to talk. Requests for video calls and live chats can be sent instantly through a solution that bridges the gaps between your audience.

Video call
Meeting scheduler

The meeting scheduler that takes care of everything

For in-depth conversations, product demos, pitches and more, attendees can use EventsCase to send video meeting requests much like they would on their favourite calendar app.

Links are automatically generated by our in-house tool - EventsCase Live - and pasted into the invite, saving the hassle of copying them in. Alternatively, users can replace the field with links to their preferred video conferencing solution (e.g. Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams).

Organisers can also control meeting requests in order to prevent overuse, setting higher limits for sponsors to aid their quest for ROI, with all activity monitored on an easy to use dashboard.


Our market-leading platform has a range of tools for establishing new relationships, facilitating important conversations and helping people do business inside and outside the venue.