EventsCase LITE

Website, Registration, Streaming, Engagement and Video Production tools for events with up to 500 attendees and non-simultaneous sessions

EC Lite by Eventscase


EventsCase LITE contains all you need to run virtual events like a pro.
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Virtual event platform

Live interaction


2 hours of Project management support

(for configuration, onboarding and training)

You can add

1/2 DAY

+ £500



+ £950

Hire a dedicated specialist to bring your content and experience to life


+ £500

Boost your attendees' interaction!


What you can do

  • Live stream a free virtual event (max. 500 attendees)
  • Turn raw footage into slick, profesional content
  • Personalise your experience to keep everything on-brand

What we do

  • Create your event website and registration process
  • Provide solutions for broadcasting live and on-demand content
  • Take care of your video production requirement


web lite

  • Customised header to match your brand
  • Event agenda page
  • Modules for broadcasting live and on-demand content
  • Customised pages for hosting information on speakers and sponsors
  • Built-in engagement tools (includes chat, Q&As and live polls)

  • Unlimited fields to personalise your attendees’ experience
  • 15 different types of questions (multiple choice, attached docs,...)
  • Conditional questions, shown following ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers
  • Assistance from a video production expert during the event
  • Backgrounds adapted to your branding
  • Graphics for speakers
  • Dynamic banners for in-stream messages
  • Your company or event logo presented as a TV channel
  • Pre-event countdown video
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads for promoting sponsors
  • Manual for speakers and moderators
  • Configures the design of your website and streaming platform
  • Creates your registration process
  • Runs a free tutorial on attendee and content management
  • Advises on AV best practice, post-event activity and more
  • Create search filters for job titles, interests, company names etc.
  • Instant messaging for quick responses
  • Individual or group video calls – perfect for virtual demos and roundtables
  • Attendee event calendars for managing appointments
  • Meeting requests with automatically generated video links
  • Find out who registered and attended through an easy to use dashboard
  • Track responses to your email invites
  • Access to all the data up to 2 week after the event

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